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About Us

About Us

The story of House of chenille began in the early 20th century when millions were invested to set-up a manufacturing hub, specialising in tufted Cotton Chenille. After many years of commitment and hard work, in 2017 they unveiled plans for launching an online retail store that specialises in Luxury Cotton Chenille sleepwear and loungewear. Today, House of chenille is proud to announce that they are currently the only retailer backed with a vertical integration setup, with their own facilities to produce premium quality cotton chenille fabric. The hub is a complete state of art which speaks for itself…

Inspired by the king of chenille, Stan Herman empowered the insights and superlative knowledge over the workmanship and enamelling techniques used within chenille to the best. Studying the art of moulding capacity and creating designs, HOC is now offering ready to wear products from chenille robes to home wares/accessories.

As the name tells the story, house of chenille is a complete platform with its very own in-house tufting, dying, stitching, novelty overlay tufting embroidery and packing facilities to produce the finest chenille fabric and garments.

Our commitment and dedication outsets to deliver exceptional customer service and go beyond customer expectations to benchmark future business. Our team is embedded into the roots of strict work ethics and ensure corporate social responsibility, from producing to delivering the best chenille garments you could come across.

Our Mission

Our mission is to amaze you with the trendiest, most luxurious loungewear’s you could ask for. With a will to outdraw the entire chenille market and serve in the best interest of our customers. To promise an unforgettable customer experience that sustains long-term loyalty.

We aim to offer a classic range of products derived from high quality chenille fabrication and develop new trends based on Stan Herman’s art of work.